Take a Peak at the 80’s Gaming Scene with “The Button Bashers”

Take a Peak at the 80’s Gaming Scene with “The Button Bashers”

Travel back to an era where the Commodore 64 was the height of video game technology and the joysitck was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The folks at Elerby Studios are seeking to do just that with their newest film, The Button Bashers.

The Button Bashers is part drama and part documentary, featuring interviews with 80’s gaming journalists and developers such as Roger Keen and Oliver Frey of Newsfield, Gary Penn of Zzap! 64, Ohillip and Andre Oliver known for their work on Dizzy, It will also feature renowned composers and developers Robb Hubbard, Peter Harrap, Jon Hare, Jon Ritman, John Gibson, and Simon Butler.

“We have a huge set of interviewees from the best gaming era, all ready to be a part of THE BUTTON BASHERS.

Imagine seeing Jon Hare (Sensible Software) telling tales of the fun he had in the industry, making Wizball for the Commodore 64  – and then actors playing out the scenes alongside, how it felt to grow up with these experiences. It will make for interesting viewing, all part-scripted/part-improv as a beautiful tribute to the days of Quickshot II Joysticks, Novaloads and Crash Magazine…

Think of the film 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE and you will know the kind of film we are trying to create. It’s never been done for this part of the gaming world in the UK.” – The Button Basher’s Kickstarter

The entire project will be directed by Lee Bolton who has worked on Fast and the Furious 6, Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, and the Harry Potter companion film Fantastic Beasts Where To Find Them.

Starting at the £10 ($13) mark, backers gain access to the film as a digital download. £15 ($19) gains backers access to a physical DVD release, while the £20 ($26) nets supporters an official credit on the film. Those who contribute at least £100 ($130) get a cameo on set and at £200 ($259) that comes with an Executive Producer credit. The top tier backer reward grants a person or a company their logo and credit as a sponsor. Obviously, all tries also grant lower tier rewards.

While The Button Bashers is still sitting quite a ways from their goal, it is possible that they still may make their goal or even relist the project now that it has started to gain more attention.

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For more information about The Button Bashers, check out their Kickstarter page.

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