“Square Off” with the Next Evolution in Chess

“Square Off” with the Next Evolution in Chess

So before we get started, I have a confession. I was on the chess team in high school. For four years. Yes, I was that sort of nerd that spent her spare time huddled in sweaty gymnasiums and frigid libraries in quiet contemplation over a stopclock and a handful of wooden figures. Now while I have not really played chess much since graduating, it still holds a warm little place in my heart.

I introduce to you Square Off, the evolved chess board by Alessandro Didonna, a chess board capable of allowing you to play with a friend that isn’t even there. Your friend can play by app while you watch their pieces move as if they are right there in front of you.

Futurama Shut Up And Take My Money MemeIf that were not enough, the game features three modes: Square Off, Training, and Live Streaming. Square off mode allows you to compete with friends, regardless of distance or location. Training allows you to face off against Square Off’s AI with 20 difficulty levels. Finally, Live Streaming mode allows you to record your game as it is happening, allowing other players to watch the game on their own Square Off boards or replay games later.

“Hey chess lover!

We know that there’s nothing like playing a game of chess on a real board. But, let’s face it. It’s a busy world, people stay miles away from each other and even if someone wants to come over to play, it requires a hell lot of planning. Phew! Too much effort. Result, you give up and end up playing chess online. How boring.

Square Off is all set to redefine the world of board games, starting with chess. Bringing to you the world’s smartest, most connected and the most evolved chess board. It enables you to play your favourite game against a fellow chess enthusiast from anywhere in the world. The automated board is designed to reflect the move of your opponent with precision. Not just that, you can challenge the artificial intelligence of the board too.

Yes, Square Off is here to bring back those charming old days when people played chess on classic tangible boards. Felt chess from their heart, indulged in the luxury of playing with wooden boards and handcrafted chess pieces. Where on one hand, it has revived the classic charisma of chess, on the other hand, Square Off has also made it smarter, automated and super fun.

Want to play a game of chess with someone who is as passionate? Possible. What if that person is sitting far away? Possible. What if he doesn’t have the same board? Still possible. Now, what’s not possible is to have an excuse for not playing your favourite game.

So let’s get connected. Let’s Square Off!” — Square Off’s Kickstarter Page

The Square Off board does come with a bit of a price tag. The lowest backer tier to get the basic Kingdom Set is set at €199 ($223) with retails costs expected to be €329 ($357.48). For the more exquisite Grand Kingdom set with the capture space and the auto reset the lowest tier is set at €249 ($279) for early birds. An expensive board? Yes, but no doubt a future staple for chess enthusiasts everywhere.

What do you think of the Square Off board? Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to go check out Square Off on Kickstarter to learn more!

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