Roleplayers, Prepare to Explore “Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom”

Roleplayers, Prepare to Explore “Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom”

Inspired by Soulsborne, Metal Weave Games is bringing roleplayers everywhere the art and lore of Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom. This book is designed to work with any system, and there are already statbooks available for Pathfinder, D&D, and more.

“The print version of Embers will be a high-end book, hardcover, featuring a black leather cover with a gold foil stamp. Currently, the book is slated for 67 pages.

Once funded, we have planned stretch goals to expand the book, adding more characters, creatures, and interesting locations to make the book a key component to any dark fantasy campaign.

It is important to note that the main Embers book contains no character stats, rules, or tables. This keeps the material focused on art and lore.” — Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom Kickstarter Page.

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Who Is Making Embers?

Andreas Walter of Metal Weave Games serves as the project and creative director. He is the creator of the award-winning Baby Beastiary which was also launched via Kickstarter back in August of 2014. Also from Metal Weave is Gareth Hodges. Hodges is acting as an editor and creative writer on this project, but he is the lead editor at Metal Weave as well as the founder of Cosm Games. Former Metal Weave writer and current Cosm cohort, Emma Hespa Mann also lends her pen to the project as an editor and a creative writer.

Joining them is Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, founder of Angry Hamster Publishing and the lead developer of the Heroes and Villains book for 7th Sea. Angry Hamster and Elizabeth are responsible for the successful WITCH which also launched via Kickstarter in March of 2015.

Another creative writer on staff is Sarah Richardson who lent her pen to both Baby Beastiary and WITCH as well as Bluebeard’s Bride, a Miagpie Games creation currently funded almost ten times over on Kickstarter with 30 days to go.

Finally, we have their adventure writer (and creative writer), Ben McFarland. He is an adventurer who has served in the military, lived on a desert island, knows how to fence with a saber. In short, he is the most interesting man in the world.

Backer Rewards & Stretch Goals

At the $17 tier, backers receive the PDF of Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom.  $45 grants backers a print copy of the book with later tiers promising to immortalize your family crest and even allow  two lucky backers (pledging $400 or more) to create a surviving character with the team.

Three of six stretch goals have been unlocked so far. This has granted all backers pledging $17 or higher two free stat guides for the system of their choice. 4 pages of adventure seeds have been added to the book, and, most recently, the book has had a new location added.

If roleplaying is your thing, then do check out Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom. Only two days are left on the campaign and they might just make the next stretch goal which would add more maps.

What do you think of Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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