REVIEW: Ren of Atikala

Title: Ren of Atikala
Author: David Adams
Genre: Fantasy

REVIEW: Ren of Atikala

Ren of Atikala is the first in the Kobold series by David Adams, author of the Lacuna series. After an unforeseen tragedy devastates the subterranean city of Atikala, Ren, a kobold sorcerer, must face numerous foes and guide her kin to safety.  Only during this journey does she come to discover what it means to be a kobold and what her place in the world is.


Ren of Atikala breaks the traditional fantasy mold by showing us the world through the eyes of a race traditionally viewed as vermin.  Ren is an insightful, dynamic protagonist that blurs the pre-established lines of good and evil.  The plot drags for a bit near the middle, only to continue in an ongoing series of twists and turns.  Even minor characters, such as No-Kill, a gnome captive, manage to quickly endear themselves to the reader, while others become fast enemies.  Adams takes the readers through heartbreaking lows and heart-pounding highs, before reaching an ending that is sure to shock the and leave you wanting more.


If you are a fan of roleplaying games such as Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons, or if you love the webcomic Goblins, then you will LOVE Ren of Atikala.  The sequel Ren of Atikala: The Scars of Northaven is available January 22nd.

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UPDATE: Ren of Atikala: The Scars of Northaven is now available on Kindle for $4.99.

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