OVERWATCH: Tracer & Hanzo Gameplay

OVERWATCH: Tracer & Hanzo Gameplay

Blizzard has recently released even MORE gameplay for Overwatch. Overwatch is going to be a tactical based, class shooter (similar to Team Fortress 2) that is planning to launch sometime in 2015. Blizzard has also found a way to incorporate some themes from MOBA games, mainly ultimate abilities, to be implemented into the game to add some additional depth and fun to Overwatch’s gameplay.The game has released numerous videos so far with other characters such as: Mercy, McCree, and Zenyetta. You can check out our articles about those characters and their gameplay, but you can also check out the latest videos released for Tracer and Hanzo!

Lately, more and more Overwatch videos have been released. Do you feel that a release date for a beta or alpha could be released soon? It certainly seems that way with all of the gameplay they’ve been showing off.

What are you really hoping Overwatch can do that other First-Person-Shooters have failed at? Let us know with a comment below.

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