Overwatch: 7 Tips for Playing Junkrat

Overwatch: 7 Tips for Playing Junkrat

Junkrat is a defense hero known for his ability to keep multiple enemies at bay using his mines, bombs, and traps. This Aussie frequently travels with his fellow junker and personal bodyguard, Roadhog. Junkrat is a bit of a pyro and completely obsessed with explosives. Utilizing landmines, frag grenades, bear traps, and even a motorized tire-bomb, this hero is one you most certainly don’t want to turn your back to.

Just before Overwatch launched, I compiled a useful tips post on the Overwatch Reddit listing off some tips for new players. These tips will help you whether you are playing a Junkrat, playing with a Junkrat, or playing against one!

hahke's junkrat tips

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Have you played Overwatch? What do you think of these Junkrat tips? Let us know in the comments or let me know @Hahke!

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