Overwatch: 6 Tips for Playing Tracer

Overwatch: 6 Tips for Playing Tracer

Tracer is the sweetheart of Overwatch, having gained fame as soon as she was spotted during the initial Overwatch teasers.

A British adventurer with a deep desire to do good in the world, Tracer is one of Overwatch’s youngest members. Known for her piloting skilled, Tracer was recruited into Overwatch’s Slipstream program to test a teleporting fighter jet. Unfortunately, something went wrong during a test flight, and Tracer was desynchronized from time itself. As a result of the accident, Tracer found herself slipping back and forth through time against her will. It was only thanks to the brilliant mind of Winston that she was saved. He created a mechanism that stabilized Tracer and allowed her to control when and how she slipped through time. When Winston initiated the Recall procedure, Tracer became the first to pick up the phone and answer the call of her old friend.

Just before Overwatch launched, I compiled a useful tips post on the Overwatch Reddit listing off some tips for new players. These tips will help you whether you are playing Tracer, playing with Tracer, or playing against one!

hahke's tracer tips

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Have you played Overwatch? What do you think of these Tracer tips? Let us know in the comments or let me know @Hahke!

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