Overwatch: 5 Tips for Playing Pharah

Overwatch: 5 Tips for Playing Pharah

Pharah is a would-be second generation member of Overwatch and a decorated officer of the Egyptian army. Up until recently, Pharah was working for the Helix Security International firm, utilizing an experimental combat suit known as the Raptor Mark VI. Though she was never part of the original Overwatch team, Pharah gladly shows up to help whenever the world needs it, and since Winston’s Recall initiative, she has been spotted more and more with those associated with the disavowed institution.

Just before Overwatch launched, I compiled a useful tips post on the Overwatch Reddit listing off some tips for new players. These tips will help you whether you are playing Pharah, playing with Pharah, or playing against one!

hahke's pharah tips

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Have you played Overwatch? What do you think of these Pharah tips? Let us know in the comments or let me know @Hahke!

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