Overwatch: 5 Tips for Playing Bastion

Overwatch: 5 Tips for Playing Bastion

Bastion units were originally developed as peacekeeping units. During the Omnic Crisis, the omniums turned all omnics against humanity, including the bastion units. After the war, most bastion units were destroyed, but one damaged unit managed to escape notice. As vines and moss began to grow over it and it became more rust than metal, the unit developed a fascination for nature. “Bastion” now wanders the world, exploring nature. When threatened, however, his combat programming takes over.

Just before Overwatch launched, I compiled a useful tips post on the Overwatch Reddit listing off some tips for new players. These tips will help you whether you are playing Bastion, playing with Bastion, or playing against one!

hahke's bastion tips

To read the whole post, click here. If you like what you’ve read, don’t be afraid to toss an upvote!

Have you played Overwatch? What do you think of these Bastion tips? Let us know in the comments or let me know @Hahke!

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