Kickstarter Film “Aurora” Coming to Theatres

Kickstarter Film “Aurora” Coming to Theatres

In the future, mankind entrusts it’s safety to Kronos, a supercomputer designed to protect mankind from all threats.  Our biggest threat?  Ourselves.

Sixty years after Kronos takes over, humanity is in despair.  The protagonist, Andrew, finds himself living in the ruins of a once great city when he stumbles across Calia, an independent young woman hoping to escape Kronos’s hold and make her way to mankind’s fabled last sanctuary, Aurora.

Aurora has been labeled as a romantic sci-fi action movie, and this comes across well in the trailers.  With such impressive special effects, it may surprise you to learn that this film got it’s start through the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

Writer and director Robert Kouba is only 23 years old, making him insanely young for someone already producing movies.  Kouba is no newcomer, however, Xenopia, his science fiction short film was shown in festivals back in 2004 when he was only 12 years old.  According to actress Eileen Grubba, “(He) worked for years to buy his first car, but decided instead to use that money to make an alien film.” It is no wonder then that two years ago, at 21, he found himself launching Aurora on Kickstarter.

calia vs katnissBackers pledged over $56,000 for the film, and thanks to that crowdfunding Kouba’s team was able to obtain additional investors allowing Aurora to become a reality.  While the film is lacking any A-listers, the cast and crew are passionate about the project, taking to Twitter and other means to promote their film.  And why not?  It look good!

While there have been some criticisms saying the film is trying to cash in on The Hunger Games with its advertising and Calia’s look, Aurora has a unique take on the popular dystopian genre that sets it apart from blockbusters like The Hunger Games and Divergent.  Should the movie do well, and we hope it does, I know I would love to see a more action-based prequel covering more of the launch of the Kronos system

Aurora releases July 7, 2015 from Vantis Pictures.

**UPDATE 6/24/2016: After having been pushed back multiple times, the official release date is now September 19th, 2016**

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