Indie Board Game Team Bases New Game on a True Story

Indie Board Game Team Bases New Game on a True Story

Those familiar with tabletop games may have heard of LudiCreations before as the team responsible for Mythe, [redacted], They Who Were 8, and CRISIS. Recently LudiCreations found themselves at Spiel’16, a four day international games event hosted in Essen, Germany where They Who Were 8 and Mythe would be debuting for the first time in Europe. Unfortunately, while they stepped away to look for an item for a customer, their cashbox was swiped. This was devastating for the small company both financially and emotionally, especially when they were told that this sort of theft was not uncommon at these conventions.

Rather than let themselves get down about it, LudiCreations rallied behind new inspiration: a new game where the objective is to steal from vendors. This new, very short (<5min) game is, rather appropriately, entitled Steal This Game. It is designed for two players: one taking on the role of the vendor at a convention and the other a thief. From the theif’s perspective, the game is played through dice rolls, card, guessing, and a whole lot of lying through their teeth while trying to figure out the location of the cash box. The vendor, in the meantime, has to try to catch the thief in a lie. If the thief is telling the truth, the vendor could lose everything.
From the Steal This Game rulebook:

how to play steal this gameOption 1: Exhibitor declares the Thief is telling the truth.
The Thief can perform one of two possible actions:
1. Look at one of the unprotected cashbox cards.
2. Move the cashier to an adjacent cashbox. Remember that the leftmost and rightmost cards are adjacent. After the Thief’s action, the Exhibitor is allowed to move their Cashier one space, as per the rules above, with the exception that the Thief’s move may not be reversed.
Option 2: The Exhibitor declares the Thief is lying.
The Thief reveals their dice:
a) If the Thief was telling the truth, the Exhibitor must turn one of their cashboxes, of their
choice, face up and then remove it from the game. Afterwards, if the only one remaining is the one with the money, the Thief immediately wins the game. Otherwise, the Exhibitor may
reposition the remaining cashbox cards (shell game style, so the Thief may try to track them), for a maximum 10 seconds. After this, the Exhibitor may place the Cashier in front of any remaining cashbox. Finally, the Thief hides the dice again, and then rerolls one of them in secret.
b) If the Thief was lying, that player must immediately pick one of the unprotected cashboxes and reveal it. If the cashbox is the one with the money, the Thief immediately wins the game. Otherwise, the Exhibitor wins. Either way, if the Thief is caught lying, the game will end.

It is a simple, but interesting game that combines bluffing with some actual gameplay. All in all it seems quite fun, and we recommend that you take a look at the rulebook (and the campaign) if short tabletop games are your thing.

Backer Rewards

$5 or more nets a backer a “postcard game” prototyped and designed at Spiel’16, while $14 or more gets you the Spiel’16 version of Steal This Game and backer’s choice of [microfilms], KUNE v LAKIA, or They Who Were 8. Backers pledging $19 get Steal This Game plus Pocket Imperium. $23 is the Kickstarter game plus Mythe. Finally, $33 nabs the backer Steal This Game and their choice of [redacted], Town Center or ESSEN. These backer rewards are essentially selling off the games at the convention price which is lower than what is listed on their website plus granting a new, never before seen game.

So far, the Kickstarter has garnered a ton of support from fans, Spiel’16 goers, and gamers of all kinds. Despite asking for only $1000, they have managed to raise over $29,000 as of the time that I am writing this. That being said, it never hurts to show some small board game publishers some love! So, if you want to get some of their most popular games at a steal, or just grab a copy of Steal This Game, head on over to their Kickstarter page and give it a look.

What do you think of Steal This Game? Let us know in the comments!


Steal This Game, its logo, and its rules are all the property of LudiCreations.

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