Greenlight Pick: From Chaos

Greenlight Pick: From Chaos

from chaos logoTitle: From Chaos
Developer: Matthieu Gouby
Publisher:  Steam
Genre:  Sandbox Survival, VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: RP (Rating Pending)
Release Date:  2017


Steam Greenlight Pick of the Week – From Chaos

from chaos

Explore the land…

Everyone who loves video games has certain genres or game styles that just make them cringe. Maybe they dislike visual novels, pixel-based games, or perhaps they just can’t stand RPG maker games. For me, this take the form of Minecraft. I have no problem with Minecraft, crafting games, sandbox survival games, or even block-style games. Or rather I didn’t. I do now. Every time I see a poorly designed Minecraft knock-off pop up on Steam Greenlight, I rage a little bit. The style and the concept has been absolutely done to death and I cannot stand to see even one more half-baked baby’s-first-greenlight block-style abomination. So, it is with great surprise that I reveal to you From Chaos.

While From Chaos implements some of the survival and crafting elements seen in game such as Minecraft, Terraria, and Tree of Life, it does so with style. The crafting blocks are still there, but gone are the lego-looking environments. In their place are beautiful landscapes, interesting locations, and a unique day and night cycle.

from chaos

Survive the night…

A team of three aliens, a miner, an architect and a shepherd, have the mission to explore uncharted young planets and help the species to survive from meteor shower.
The miner can collect differents materials like rock, ice, metal etc.. from asteroids in spaceand craft building blocks. He has to be careful and avoid black holes or toxic gas clouds. Resistant materials will be far and more difficult to collect.
The architect has to build shelters and bridges for the creatures.
The shepherd have to explore the planet to find the best survival scenario, eliminates obstacles and guide the creatures to the shelter by placing small torches on strategic spots. — From Chaos Kickstarter

It’s Noah’s Ark meets Minecraft meets space exploration as this crew of three seeks to preserve life on the planets they encounter. Carve out stone and ice from meteors or utilize the resources around you as you construct shelters to help ensure the survival of all species and yourselves.

If survival or crafting games are your thing, go check out From Chaos on Steam Greenlight. If you like what you see, don’t be afraid to cast your vote or leave them a comment. They also have a Kickstarter campaign going.

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