Greenlight Pick – Archaica: The Path Of Light

Greenlight Pick – Archaica: The Path Of Light

Archaica logoTitle: Archaica: The Path Of Light
Developer: Two Mammoths 
Publisher:  Steam
Genre:  Adventure, Puzzle
Rating: RP (Rating Pending)
Release Date:  Q4 2016


Greenlight Pick of the Week – Archaica: The Path Of Light

In Archaica, players embody the Chosen One, a prophesied hero that must utilize ancient crystals in order to complete the Path of Light and save the world from certain doom. Travel through six realm types: Hills, Desert City, Islands, Crystal Mines, Jungle and Temples. Picking up totems and maps along the way, the player must find their way through over 80 unique puzzles using both logic and luck.

Archaica is a puzzle game with lasers and mirrors that has been enhanced with a touch of storyline and beautiful graphics. The idea for logical puzzles is to adjust the mechanisms and, in most cases, cast light through all the crystals on the board. This brings to life mechanisms created by the Ancients. —Archaica: The Path Of Light Greenlight Page

Archaica appears to be a visually stunning game with simple yet possibly addictive gameplay. It is the first title from Two Mammoths, a family-owned indie company out of Krakow, Poland. Piotr Turecki takes care of all the programming, while his brother, Marcin, works on the art. For a studio consisting of just two brothers, Archaica appears to be an incredibly impressive game. Already, it has won Best game nomination at the WGK Conference 2014 in Gdansk, Poland.

While there may be a flood of puzzle games already on Steam, games like The Witness prove that there is still room in gamers’ hearts for truley exceptional titles.  Archaica: The Path Of Light may very well be the next big puzzle game to hit Steam. One thing is for certain though, and that is that I will be looking forward to playing it.

If  Archaica: The Path Of Light seems like your type of game, go check out their Greenlight page. If you like what you seem, don’t be afraid to cast your vote and let them know!

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