Explore a Child-like Wonder with “Nimbi”

Explore a Child-like Wonder with “Nimbi”

Nimbi LogoTitle: Nimbi
Developer: Mortar Boar
Publisher:  Steam
Platform:  PC, Mac
Genre:  Adventure, Puzzle
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Release Date: March 2017

Nimbi is a puzzle adventure game that recently launched on Kickstarter. This colorful game is the premiere title for the Dutch indie studio, Mortar Boar. Players can take control of a young boy named Nimbi as he explores the world he has created within his imagination. Utilizing his animal onesie pajamas, he will jump, climb, build, and maneuver his way through puzzles with the help of his pet kitten.

Together with his friend and pet, Nimbi goes on the wildest adventures imaginable.
But at some point Nimbi loses his play buddy!
Together with his pet Nimbi sets out on an adventure in search of his buddy, while exploring colourful worlds, meeting new characters and learning more about the disappearance of his friend…

Watch Nimbi‘s Kickstarter video below!

Nimbi is supposed to be a relatively short game with roughly 10 levels and an estimated 4 hours of gameplay. There should be additional replay value, however, as each onesie Nimbi gains gives him different abilities. Playing back through each level with the different animal onesies allows Nimbi to discover new secrets.

Nimbi Onesies

Unlike many puzzle games that rely mainly on matching, Nimbi utilizes a form of physics in order to craft a great variety of puzzles. Of course, these are physics according to the imagination of a toddler.

The problems you will encounter in this game different from what you are used to. As grown ups we tend to think in a more limited way and only see objects and their primary functions. Children do not think like this yet. A child can climb to the moon with a long enough ladder. Since, children, are still oblivious to the laws of physics, they can imagine possibilities that we as grown-ups do not even think about. This is exactly what we want to achieve with Nimbi. We want you to think of these absurd things again to overcome the obstacles you encounter.

Overall, Nimbi seems like a fun, whimsical puzzle game. The colorful, blocky graphics meld perfectly with the lighthearted and imaginative game concept. While the game has managed to get greenlit, it’s Kickstarter campaign is still underway. Should the campaign succeed, it’ll be great to see how Nimbi turns out.

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