Ethics Policy

GeekTFO pledges to use integrity in creating our content. We pledge to remain as unbiased as possible during our articles and reviews, citing sources where appropriate. Any biased articles will be posted in the Opinion section of GeekTFO and do not count as official reviews.

Gifts and Payments

We do not accept gifts or payments from developers or other people associated with the game industry. Review copies of items are not considered gifts and are accepted for the purpose of review. We may also accept additional publicity copies from developers to use in give-a-ways on Twitch and other social medias, but the reciept of these items and their source will always be noted in the give-a-way. Our staff is forbidden from accepting payments from developers, publishers, or PR firms, or others associated with the products that we cover. Items not intended for review or give-a-ways will not be accepted.


All items that we review, regardless of whether we receive a review copy or we buy it ourselves, are reviewed using the same standards. We review games based upon a plethora of criteria that varies based upon genre. Some criteria includes graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, user interface, and value.  Review scores are determined using a grading rubric in order to help ensure that ratings are standardized. The receipt of reviews copies will always be noted in any articles/reviews mentioning the item in question along with the name of the supplying source.

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Pen Name Policy

All staff members, if they choose, are entitled to the use of a pen name, the same as any author of any other works. Some content creators prefer their privacy or just do not like their legal name and we respect that. We view pen names as being no different than nick names and will use them in lieu of a writer’s real name. They are only to use one pen name while operating at GeekTFO. Each staff member is also entitled to one screen name or gamertag. The associations between these gamertags/screen names and the names/pen names of those on staff is public knowledge and available in the About Us section and in that member’s profile.


Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. We get most of our funding from Amazon affiliate links and ads. GeekTFO will always mention when affiliate links are being used in an article. Shareaholic is a promoted content site that we use . You may see recommended posts under various posts or pages. These are provided by Shareaholic. Should you click on the link, we will get a few pennies. Websites promoted by Shareaholic are not affiliated with GeekTFO and may have different policies regarding user privacy or their content.