E3 2016: Persona 5 – New Trailer

E3 2016: Persona 5 – New Trailer

E3 2016 has been quite exciting this year, but fans of the ever popular Persona franchise are more than eager to get their hands on the game now after some of the newest gameplay videos and trailers that have been released. Atlus released the following trailer on their YouTube page today about the upcoming title.

The game itself is already looking gorgeous with it’s unique artstyle, but it’s quirky gameplay and jokes seems to be returning with quite the hefty upgrades as well. IGN was eager to share some gameplay from the game at E3 2016.

Persona 5 launches next year in North America on Feburary 14, 2017 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms. It looks like a lot of JRPG fans already know how they’ll be spending their Valentine’s Day.

You can pre-order Persona 5 now at your favorite retailer, including the Take Your Heart Premium Edition while supplies last.

Bonuses included with the "Take Your Heart" edition.

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