WitchSongTitle: Witch Song
Author: Amber Argyle
Publisher: Starling Publishing
Genre: Fantasy (magic)
Audience: Young Adult
Release Date: January 11, 2014


REVIEW: Witch Song

Witch Song by Amber Argyle is the story of Brusenna a.k.a. Senna, a fledgling witch who finds herself unexpectedly caught up in a war between the druid-like Keepers and Espen, a dark witch bent on total control. As Keepers continue to disappear, Senna is forced to join forces with Joshen, a guardian-in- training, to rescue the Keepers and defeat the most powerful witch of the century.


Witch Song starts off with a rather unique concept: witches who control nature though song. When Senna decides she must confront Espen and save her fellow witches, she heads off to the Keeper’s island to study and increase her power. Only by learning these songs can she hope to defeat Espen, but most of her songs are very specific to the situation and seem to be made up on the spot.  This could, however, be a testament to Senna’s unique power.  Time and time again Joshen and Senna take out Espen’s minions, a bumbling pair named Waldorf and Garg, only to have them reappear almost immediately and seemingly unharmed. While each of their encounters results in some form of drama, their near immortality gives them a Wile E. Coyote feel, making it hard to take them, or their actions, seriously.  Argyle, however, does an excellent job painting her heroine, Senna.  The reader can really connect with her: feeling her concerns for her friends and her fear over her upcoming battle with Espen.  The world is detailed, and leaves you wishing you could explore it in person. Minus the evil witch of course.


Witch Song provides a unique and interesting take on witches from Amber Argyle, a rising writer with Starling Publishing. Witch Song is normally $13.99, but it is FREE on Kindle for the moment. There are three other books in the series, and you can get the whole set on the Kindle right now for only $6.99.

This copy of Witch Song was purchased by the staff here at GeekTFO for the purposes of this review.

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