Anime MECHA-UDE Now on Kickstarter!

Anime MECHA-UDE Now on Kickstarter!

As a child, Sae Okamoto was obsessed with anime and dreamed of making her own visions into an animated reality. Now, Okamoto and her team are getting that chance.

Mecha-Ude Hero

On the 1st of October, MECHA-UDE launched on Kickstarter with the modest goal of $25,000. At over $39,000 and counting so far, Okamoto looks set to possibly double their original budget as fans clamor around the project.


What is MECHA-UDE?

MECHA-UDE is a show about Hero*, an introverted and slightly wimpy 16 year old. In this universe, Mecha-Ude are mechanical artificial intelligence beings capable of their own thoughts and feelings. They are also capable of shrinking down into much smaller forms.

The Mecha-Ude that Hero* comes across is a large robotic arm. He quickly decides to take the creature in and it begins living in his hoodie. Shortly afterwards he meets up with Heroine*, a blunt and active girl, who is in possession of two Mecha-Ude of her own. Under constant attack from Mecha-Ude collectors, Hero* and Heroine* team up to fight against other Mecha-Ude and their users.

*Hero and Heroine are placeholder names.

Check out the MECHA-UDE‘s Kickstarter video below!


Mecha-Ude Heroine

Who Is Working On It?

Okamoto herself has worked on Sushi Police, Danchi Tomoo, and Tenkai Knights as an art director and animator. She also has one previous solo project titled “11:08”. Joining her is Tatsushi Momen, director of Sushi Police and of the opening movie of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Composing for MECHA-UDE will be Narasaki of Paradise Kiss, DEADMAN WONDERLAND, Expelled from Paradise, and more. The sountrack and recording will be done by S.O.L.I.D. Sound Lab Co., Ltd. which has handled Amromored Trooper Votoms, Code Geass, Neon Genesis EVANGELION, and Gundam Build Fighters. Finally Trif Studio of Sushi Police will also be helping out Okatomo and her team.

Stretch Goals

MECHA-UDE will consist of one 25 minute long pilot episode with Japanese voice actors and English subtitles. Backers will have access to it through either download or Blu-ray. At $40,000, an audio commentary track will be made available in Japanese with English subtitles, and at $60,000 there will be an additional short episode focused on the Heroine. There appear to be other stretch goals planned, but they have not been unveiled yet. It would appear, however, that they may focus on the villain of the story.

MECHA-UDE Hero vs Villain

MECHA-UDE Hero vs Villain

Backer Rewards

The backer rewards for MECHA-UDE are fairly standard. At $5, backers get a digital wallpaper and illustration. Backers pledging $25 or more get a downloaded version of the movie and their name in the credits. Those pledging $65 or more will get their hands on the physical blue-ray version of MECHA-UDE. At $115, backers will receive the box set which includes the original soundtrack and a minibook. Those who pledge over $300 will get a special MECHA-UDE hoodie. At $1000, the top tier reward is an original MECHA-UDE character figurine. Finally, at $10,000, the top tier rewards include a signed character poster and either two tickets to a private screening party or dinner with Okamoto herself. Each tier, of course, receives all of the reward of the lower tiers.

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For more information about MECHA-UDE, check out the official Kickstarter page. More information about Okamoto and her team can be found on Trif Studio’s website.

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