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**6/15/16–GeekTFO is currently under construction.  Some links may be broken and some pages may be missing. We are working as quickly as we can to resolve these issues. These can be reported by emailing contact@Geektfo.net**


GeekTFO is a website dedicated to gaming and geek culture. Run by a small team, GeekTFO focuses on news, reviews, and just all-round nerdy things.

kaz circle blue gold 5CARI “KAZAEA” DUMAINE


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An indie game fanatic and RPG lover, Kazaea does her best to keep GeekTFO running as smoothly as possible, with varying degrees of success. It is her job to manage PR for GeekTFO, recruit members for the GeekTFO Nation, schedule podcasts, and generally manage this whole shebang. When she is not working on stuff for GeekTFO or playing games, she can be found lurking about on Twitch, reading, or complaining about changes on Game of Thrones.

FAVORITE GAME GENRES: MMORPG, RPG, Platformer, Action-Adventure, Rogue-lite, Indie

LEAST FAVORITE GAME GENRES: MOBAs, Visual Novels, Simulators, Horror

hahke circle blue gold 3TYLER “HAHKE” FINNEY

Managing Editor

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Hahke is a hardcore gamer that enjoys Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and RPGs of all shapes and sizes. He helps keep Kaz sane by editing articles, helping with social media, and preventing her from murdering people. When he isn’t writing for GeekTFO, he can be found on Reddit creating awesome guides, or on YouTube!

FAVORITE GAME GENRES: MMORPG, RPG, JRPG, Tactical-RPG, Strategy, MOBAs, Visual Novels, Card Games


inari circle blue gold3 DYLAN “INARI” MICHALSKI

Contributing Editor

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Inari is a streamer who occasionally writes for GeekTFO or sits as a guest in our podcasts. Recently, he placed in a local Overwatch tournament, and he hopes to someday be the first epileptic pro-gamer. When he is not with us, he can be found playing Dark Souls 3 or Overwatch.

FAVORITE GAME GENRES: MOBAs, FPS, Card Games, Action, Shmups


cranky circle blue goldSEAN “CRANKYPANTZ” MCGEE

Contributing Editor

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Crankypantz is the gruff old man of the group that constantly wants to remind the young whipper-snappers of Azeroth what it was like back in his day. Terrible. But not as bad as it is now! He helps us by writing an occasional article, finding stories, and assisting with our podcasts. When he is not with us, Cranky can be found raiding in World of Warcraft, playing Overwatch, or, on occasion, button-mashing to glory in League of Legends.


LEAST FAVORITE GAME GENRES: FPS, Visual Novels, Survival, Racing, Puzzle


The GeekTFO Nation is a collection of content creators from all over the web. Writers, streamers, YouTubers, artists, and fans of all kind band together to share

with us amazing geeky content.



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Known simply as Houser, you can find him streaming regularly throughout the week on Twitch.tv. Houser helps us out at GeekTFO by collecting and editing game footage and assisting with video game reviews.


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Arguably the most well-known name in World of Warcraft musical parodies, the once iconic rapper can now be found on Twitch streaming every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He has done a couple reviews for us in the past, most notably Evoland II, but he is now focusing mainly on streaming.


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Designer, developer, streamer, playboy, philanthropist.  Ziverge has helped us out numerous times in the past by providing GeekTFO with some amazing graphics. He is also one of our favorite streamers. Just saying.

Do you want to join the GeekTFO Nation? Shoot Kaz an email: Kaz@GeekTFO.net


Gone, but not forgotten. These writers have gone on to bigger and better projects or are otherwise on hiatus.

  • Mike “Folion” Cross
  • Ryan “Notslip” Eshenburgh
  • David “Oyarly” McElhinney
  • Keith “Rekegnize” Michalski