A First Look at the New Supergirl Trailer

A First Look at the New Supergirl Trailer

Fans of DC comics will undoubtedly recognize the name Supergirl.  CBS has decided to cash in on the comic book frenzy with a TV show of its own.  This one features Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, and cousin to our very own Man of Steel.  Like Clark Kent, Kara also grew up trying to hide her powers from the world.  She works in her very own version of The Devil Wears Prada as a meek, underachieving secretary who longs for more.  After her adopted sister is almost killed in a plane crash, Kara embraces her superhuman abilities and, with the help of her friends, becomes Supergirl.

Now, there is a bit of controversy brewing over CBS’s treatment of Supergirl as more of another New Girl and less of a true superhero story, but until the show airs, it is hard to tell whether Supergirl will fly or flop.

So what do YOU think of Supergirl’s first trailer?  Will you be tuning in?  Comment below or tweet us @GeekTFOnet!

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